Greater clarity in an uncertain world

Hazard Assessment

Using our advanced numerical modeling, Kinetic Analysis transforms natural hazard event information into detailed, site-specific information for the extent and severity of the event's perils. Our multi-hazard modeling platform support ensemble-based hazard assessments, with deep integration between these components to ensure consistency between event perils, for events globally.

Our MPRES modeling platform supports real-time hazard analysis and long-term risk assessment for tropical cyclones and earthquakes.

Real-time Impacts

For active tropical cyclone and earthquake events worldwide, we produce real-time estimates of the hazards, impacts and losses associated with each event.

Building on our event-specific hazard model results, we estimate damages to individual assets, based on the type of asset and the hazards at that location. With detailed sector infrastructure data, we estimate damage to key infrastructure and operational impacts for global ports and airports, US electrical generation and outages, and oil and gas production and refining.

Risk Assessment

Natural hazard risk assessment requires a deep understanding of natural hazards, their severity and frequency, and damages and losses to people and assets at risk to site-specific hazard forces.

With our advanced MPRES modeling platform, we produce detailed, site-specific hazard information and assess damage and loss to client-specific assets or detailed infrastructure databases for key economic sectors to provide an integrated solution to understanding natural hazard risks.

Kinetic Analysis Corporation

Kinetic Analysis Corporation uses scientifically proven techniques integrated into a ground-breaking multi-model analysis platform to draw a coherent, quantified picture of hazards and losses, for active events in real-time and for long-term risk assessment.