What we do

The winds, waves, storm surges and other hazards associated with a tropical cyclone can cause widespread damage and fatalities. Tropical cyclone forecasts can be used to predict the spatial distribution of the hazards and to plan appropriate responses.

But, what if a tropical cyclone forecast turns out to be wrong? Or, what if the forecast is very uncertain? How do you assess possible alternative scenarios so you can make a robust decision under great uncertainty? Do you have a “plan B”?

Kinetic Analysis Corporation specializes in the generation and delivery of a multi-model view of hazards, damage and impact data for tropical cyclones occurring anywhere in the world. This information can provide crucial insights into the potential impacts from a tropical cyclone and support planning and response.

For real-time events as well as for historical events and plausible scenarios, we provide deterministic, multi-model hazard data for wind, wave, storm surge and precipitation as well as damage ratios for a wide range of assets based on multiple damage function families. Kinanco also offers probabilistic views of tropical cyclone hazards and damage ratios for multiple asset classes.