What data formats are available?

Kinetic Analysis Corporation provides hazard and damage data as spatial polygons or as rasters via OGC-compliant web services.

At What Resolution are the data available?

Data are offered at two resolutions: a standard resolution of 120 arcseconds and a detailed resolution of 30 arcseconds.

What regions have hazard and damage ratio data?

Kinetic Analysis Corporation provides a consistent, global set of data. Clients may access tropical cyclone hazard and damage ratio data for any location affected by tropical cyclones.

How often are real-time data generated?

Real-time data are generated whenever forecast centers or forecast models release tropical cyclone forecasts anywhere in the world. Depending on the ocean basin and forecast source, this occurs every six or twelve hours.

How long after a forecast is released are results available?

The multi-model results from Kinetic Analysis Corporation are generally available 30 minutes after a forecast is released.

Any other questions?

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