Greater clarity in an uncertain world


Kinetic Analysis' pioneering hazard and loss modeling platform, the Multi-hazard Parallel Risk Evaluation System (MPRES), builds on nearly two decades of hazard and loss modeling research to answer challenging questions in the fields of hazard mapping, emergency management, property risk underwriting and natural hazard risk analysis and management. 

The MPRES encompasses:

  • advanced atmospheric and geophysical hazard modeling platforms, with extensive model components derived from current scientific literature to support multi-model hazard analysis
  • global input databases to support simulation and analysis of events worldwide
  • integrated statistical analysis capabilities for assessing hazard intensity return periods for any location, and loss return periods for individual assets or portfolios of assets, using industry-standard risk metrics
  • a global, high resolution proxy exposure data base derived from recent satellite imagery, population and socio-economic statistics for loss assessment where no reliable published asset data are available

The MPRES supports production of a wide range of real-time hazard and impact products, as well as long-term hazard and loss assessments for tropical cyclone, earthquake and severe weather. The MPRES platform integrates best-available scientific advances in weather and earthquake modeling, in hazard analysis and vulnerability functions, and in the treatment of uncertainty. The techniques incorporated in the MPRES support global and highly granular analyses and applications, to produce accurate, site-specific hazard, damage and loss assessments. 

As a modeling platform, the MPRES incorporates multiple hazard assessment methodologies built from current science and hazard/loss modeling literature. Event-specific hazard and damage estimates can be produced using a single, selected set of model components, or by using permutations of available components, to produce accurate hazard and loss estimates with quantified statistical uncertainty.

With the MPRES, the same modeling platform and components are applied to modeling of past, presently active, forecast, and potential future events, for any area of interest anywhere in the world. The conditions for potential future events can be based on extrapolations from history, or an analysis of the geology or climatology, including client-requested scenarios such as anthropogenic climate change, sea level rise, or alternative geologies. This consistent, integrated modeling base enables clients to better understand and compare risks for assets and portfolios across the globe and across hazard phenomena.

Product formats. Hazard and impact analysis within the MPRES is intimately tied to an event's location, and to it's interactions with the landscape and assets and people at risk. Results of these analyses are provided in standard GIS formats for integration and viewing in visualization and analysis platforms such as GoogleEarth and ESRI ArcMap.