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Sector Impacts

Building on our detailed hazard modeling capacity, Kinetic Analysis estimates the impacts of site-specific hazards on known assets to calculate expected damages, operational impact and loss based on the asset locations and types.

When applied to a comprehensive asset database of a given economic sector, we calculate impacts from active events on all structural components of the sector, and produce estimates of aggregate damage and consequences for the sector. Damage and operational impacts are estimated based on a range of factors, including severity of hazards (can include impacts from multiple perils, such as wind and wave) and facility evacuation.

For real-time sectoral impact assessments from tropical cyclones, Kinetic Analysis maintains databases of current asset information on the following sectors, and updates those impact estimates with each update to the underlying hazards for an event:

Population (global). Estimates of population affected by hazard or impact categories. 

Transportation infrastructure (global). Estimates of damage and operational impact for major seaports and airports.


  • refineries (global): Estimated damage and operational impact for affected facilities
  • oil and gas production (Gulf of Mexico): estimated shut-in production volume and duration by leasehold and overall

Electrical power generation and distribution. Electrical outages and restoration times are estimated using an algorithm that computes the damage hazard forces (e.g., wind, ground motion, ice) are likely to inflict on the electrical power generation and distribution system. Electrical sector impact products include:

  • Electrical generation plant damage and operational impact for affected facilities. [US]
  • Electrical outages (for use, for example, to estimate potential business interruption):
    • Percentage of consumers out of power and duration of outages for affected counties. [US]
    • Outage ratios (of customers out of power) and duration of expected outage, by postal code zone. [For ~70 countries globally]

Global exposures. Using our internal global database of proxy exposures, Kinetic Analysis also produces estimates of total economic impact for events globally.