Greater clarity in an uncertain world

Risk Assessment

Intelligent risk management requires accurate information on the risks to each individual asset, and the ability to analyze those risks across the full set of assets of interest, in order to answer questions such as:

  • Which of our company's locations face the greatest risk of damage?
  • How frequently can we expect severe hazard events to affect operations at each location?
  • Is our insurance coverage adequate? What is the optimal allocation of that coverage, geographically across our holdings and between the different perils (e.g. earthquake, wind damage) affecting our properties?

Kinetic Analysis' MPRES modeling platform supports high-resolution hazard analysis and loss assessment for a range of meteorological and geophysical hazards, and includes advanced statistical analysis capabilities for assessing hazard and loss probability and uncertainty. Our MPRES hazard and loss risk assessment tool produces hazard probabilities for any location, and asset-specific damage or loss probabilities (for individual assets or as part of a large portfolio).

The MPRES hazard and loss risk assessment tool:

  • supports multi-hazard damage and loss assessment, currently including tropical cyclone- and earthquake-related perils
  • supports a wide range of asset types, including residential, commercial and industrial assets, and agricultural crops
  • operates globally, and can be applied to assets anywhere in the world
  • generates a rich database of loss information, from which loss probability curves and standard industry metrics (e.g. AAL, PML) can be produced
  • leverages the multiple hazard and loss modules available in the MPRES to produce ensemble-based hazard and loss estimates and to produce quantitative assessments of uncertainty for loss probability estimates
  • produces site-specific hazard probability estimates from the same event-specific hazard results used for the loss assessment