Greater clarity in an uncertain world

Portfolio Loss Assessment

With the MPRES risk assessment tool, Kinetic Analysis provides clients with actionable information about the risk to their portfolio of assets, such as retail locations, commercial building holdings, or portfolios of insured properties.

To assess risks from natural hazards to a client's assets, we:

  1. generate detailed hazard severity and extent information for each event in a large catalog of events (e.g. 150+ years of Atlantic tropical storms) affecting the areas of interest
  2. assess the expected event-specific damage or loss to assets affected by each event

Using the resulting asset-specific damage and loss information, clients can better understand the expected frequency and severity of impacts to individual portfolio elements or to the portfolio as a whole through measures such as AAL and PML, as well as the uncertainty associated with those impact estimates.

The MPRES supports hazard and impact assessment for multiple hazards and perils. Applying the MPRES risk assessment tool for multiple hazards (e.g. tropical cyclones and earthquakes) enables more comprehensive evaluations of the full range of risks affecting a portfolio.