Greater clarity in an uncertain world

How we are different

Kinetic Analysis' hazard and impact modeling approach offers many advantages, which individually and combined provide risk managers with powerful information and advantages:

  • Impacts and consequences. Through our hazard and impact modeling, we translate event information into detailed, useful data defining the expected experience of the event on the ground, from direct hazards through higher-level and asset-specific impacts and consequences.
  • Global. We track events around the globe, and our modeling technology applies consistently worldwide.
  • Multi-hazard. In our real-time analysis and long-term risk assessment work, we track and provide results for multiple hazards, including severe weather + tropical cyclones, earthquakes.
  • Multi-model. MPRES modeling platform supports many modeling approaches, to better understand the range of reasonable results and associated uncertainties.
  • Accurate, detailed modeling and results based on best-available science.
  • Consistency and continuity between products—across geography, hazards and models. Examples:
    • multi-hazard  tropical cyclone results (wind, wave, surge) are all fully consistent with each other, as they are produced using the same, integrated storm simulation.
    • impact analysis applied to different hazards (e.g. electrical outage estimates for tropical cyclones and severe weather) are produced using the same tool, resulting in consistent outputs across hazards.
  • Fast modeling technology, enabling informed decision-making during catastrophic events.
  • Robust, resilient – results are available when needed.