Greater clarity in an uncertain world

Company Overview

Kinetic Analysis Corporation is a leader in multi-model impact forecasting and risk assessment for catastrophic events. Based on a pioneering approach that uses best-available science, Kinetic Analysis produces accurate, site-specific assessments of the potential impact of natural hazards and resulting loss for events around the globe. With information products from Kinetic Analysis, clients make better informed decisions to protect lives and reduce loss to property and investments.

Our natural hazard loss modeling capacity is driven by a deep scientific understanding of the physical processes that create the destructive forces such as wind, water, and ground acceleration. We seamlessly integrate advanced numerical modeling, global data collection, statistical analysis, and geographic information system technology to address a wide variety of issues of concern to both governments and the private sector.

We are dedicated to helping clients reach a better appreciation of potential damage and loss to property and economic activity from natural perils such as tropical cyclones, extreme weather and earthquakes worldwide. With our real-time impact forecast system [RTFS], we produce actionable information for contingency planning and damage mitigation, as well as for commodity trade hedging. With our multi-hazard risk assessment, we provide clients with critical risk metrics for cost-effective risk reduction, management and transfer decisions.