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Clients and Partners

Kinetic Analysis serves clients in the fields of catastrophe insurance and re-insurance, emergency management, weather information for commodity trading, and coastal engineering. We also partner with other organizations with an interest in using our combined expertise and technologies to jointly develop new products or enhancing existing offerings.

Real-time, global tropical cyclone and earthquake ​hazards and impacts (RTFS products)
  • Ministries of Finance and Disaster Management offices in 16 Caribbean countries use our RTFS products (provided via CCRIF) to anticipate the potential impact of an active event, and for preparedness and recovery planning.
  • Pacific Disaster Center, a public-private enterprise promoting disaster risk reduction in the Asia-Pacific region, uses the RTFS products to provide real-time tropical cyclone hazard information to users of their Global Hazards Atlas and mobile platforms.
  • Telvent DTN, a global IT solutions and business information services provider uses our RTFS products to enhance their tropical cyclone data offerings.
  • Willis Re, one of the world's leading reinsurance advisors, uses the RTFS products in proprietary applications designed to help insurers quantify and manage risk throughout the lifecycle of live catastrophe events.
Real-time, global tropical cyclone and earthquake economic impact and insured loss estimates
  • Bloomberg Industries (BI), a specialized information platform of Bloomberg Finance L.P. that offers interactive, continuously updated industry research and data platform for business and financial professionals using the Bloomberg terminal.
Long-term tropical cyclone and earthquake hazard and risk assessment for parametric insurance
  • The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility [CCRIF] is a risk pooling entity for sovereign risk, owned by Caribbean governments for their benefit. Kinetic Analysis provides CCRIF with 1) long-term risk analysis of hurricane and earthquake loss to support the pricing of hurricane and earthquake catastrophe insurance policies for CCRIF member states and 2) a real-time hazard and loss modeling capabilities to determine if policies have been triggered for payment.


ESRI. Kinetic Analysis is a part of ESRI's Emerging Business Program, and leverages ESRI's ArcGIS technology to support our web services offerings.

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