Greater clarity in an uncertain world

Active Events

Kinetic Analysis' real-time impact forecasting system (RTFS) provides current event information for active tropical cyclone events worldwide, including:

  1. storm track and intensity forecasts (from Official and other available forecast models)
  2. hazard footprints: extent and severity of core tropical cyclone hazards (wind, storm surge, wave, rainfall) across the landscape—generated by Kinetic Analysis from current storm forecasts)
  3. estimates of damage and impact inflicted by those hazards.

The RTFS system is built on our MPRES hazard modeling platform, offering complete consistency in risk assessment in real-time and historic risk settings. Map and tabular data depicting hazard and impacts for active events are available through the RTFS shortly after release of new or updated event and forecast information.

Live Data

Using live RTFS hazard and impact information, operations and emergency risk managers can quickly understand:

  • What's happening? What events are currently active globally, where are they located, and how intense are they?
  • What's next? For events with forecast information (such as tropical storms):
    • Where are they expected to go and what may they do once they get there, including the geographic and intensity range of the available forecasts?
    • What is affected by the active events -- what countries, how many people, which key infrastructure and sectors?
    • What areas or assets of particular interest to me or my organization are affected by these events?
  • What's happened? Once an event has affected a country or location, what are the estimated impacts and where are they located?