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About Us

Steven Stichter [Chief Executive Officer]

Steven Stichter has over two decades' experience with natural hazards risk management and modeling, and software engineering. During this period, he has used detailed hazard data and geographic information systems to address coastal management issues in the US and to inform growth and development issues in the Caribbean. As Kinetic Analysis' Chief Operating Officer [2006 - 2012], Steven managed implementation and operation of our real-time impact forecasting system, as well as execution of complex hazard and loss risk assessment projects. 

Jan Vermeiren [Board Chair]

Jan Vermeiren developed broad expertise in risk assessment from natural hazards and climate change through work as sustainable development division chief for the Organization of American States in the 1990's. As part of this work, he promoted the strengthening of scientific hazard and risk assessment in the Caribbean, including significant storm hazard modeling by Charles Watson and Mark Johnson, which served as a basis for continued risk management capacity building and investments in the region. Jan Vermeiren was a co-founder of Kinetic Analysis Corporation and served as its CEO through 2012. As Board Chair, he continues to provide strategic guidance for the company's growth and success.

Sean Miller [Real-time Products]

Sean Miller leads the development and monitoring of real-time meteorological hazard and impact mapping products at Kinetic Analysis Corporation. The powerful dynamic nature of observing meteorological phenomena captivated his interest at a young age and has lead him today. He holds a B.S. degree in Geographic Science and a M.S. in Geosciences with a concentration in Applied Meteorology. Prior to his current position he was a was a contractor for the National Weather Service working on geospatial development of storm surge products.

Marshall Deppe [Systems Engineering]

Marshall Deppe is an IT professional with almost 2 decades of experience in every-scale operational environments. He enjoys tennis, reading, writing, and programming in C, TCL, AWK and BASH.